And Now For Something Completely Different…

Fell (almost) into a manhole today.  I was crossing the street and I stepped on the cover when to my surprise, it opened up and swallowed my left foot and banged me on my right shin.  I proceeded to extract my foot from the hole, no thanks to the help of the nearby construction guys and in a ticked off manner, walked away from the scene and went to work where I cleaned myself up with dishwashing liquid and some rubbing alcohol.  I called 311 to report the incident, but I don’t really think anything needs to be done other than for the city to know what happened — You know, just in case there were some flesh-eating bacteria in the dirt that mixed with my cuts and scrapes and I’ll need someone to pay my medical bills later on.  But I think I’ll be fine.

Watched some trash TV in the form of VH1’s My Antonio…Yes, one of my guilty pleasures.  It’s on my DVR so I was watching an old episode — the one when his ex-wife Tully explains to him why she’s there.  You know, I hope they get back together.  I think if she gets sent home I’m going to lose enthusiasm for the show.  Just had a thought — it’d be really cruel of him if he only kept her around for the ratings.

I’m baking again tonight (duh).  Second time this week.  But it’s become routine, so this is normal for me now.  This time it’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  It’s funny, while cleaning out my kitchen a little less than a year ago I found a bottle of vanilla extract from Costco and thought, “Well I’m gonna have to do a lot of baking in the next year for this to not go to waste!”  I didn’t really believe it at the time though, but through a twist of events, here I am.  Baking an average of maybe twice a week.  I’ve got a birthday cake to make for a coworker this weekend.  It’s his 50th birthday and in my spare time at work today I brainstormed on how I’m going to do the cake.  I think I have an idea.

I’ve often joked to myself that baking is the new yoga for me, but I think there’s a lot of truth to this.

Went through a minor, “I’m almost 30 and it seems like everyone else is hitting their milestones while I’m still in a holding pattern” freak out the past couple of days.  With the foul mood I’d been in the last few days, you would think that tripping over that manhole cover this morning would just set me off.  Ironically, although it did piss me off royally, it had the opposite effect.  I did not have a breakdown, but instead saw things with just a little bit more clarity.  Maybe right now the things I’m aspiring to haven’t happened yet, but I’m realizing there’s another shift going on within.  Time to get rid of the things that don’t work and to stop wasting time on those pursuits.  Except for one, which I’m afraid I’m just going to have to live with because no distraction from it will work — at least, not permanently.  It’s not so much a pursuit as it is a feeling, and I’m just going to have to let it be, without feeding it.  Everything comes to a resolution sooner or later.  And while those things I’ve been wanting for a while have not come into fruition just yet, this is the perfect time to — yet again — improve myself.  Cause what else are you gonna do, right?  It’s that or be miserable indefinitely.  And I can’t do indefinite misery.

Anyway, I realize this post is completely out of the “theme” of this blog, but hey I said the word “baking” at least once, so it qualifies, right?  Besides, can’t all be baking, baking, baking all the time.  A girl needs to show a little personality now and then.

And because no post is complete without some sort of picture or other…Why is this dog so sad???

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