What Next?

My mind is a bit scattered this morning.  I have conflicting feelings about certain things.  Why does the heart want to hold on so badly when your brain knows it needs to let go?  Does it know something that the brain doesn’t?  Is the brain just a coward, not wanting to take risks?  And somewhere in the middle of all this is you, trying to find that elusive place, “The Happy Middle.”  I’ve never been good at finding the happy middle of anything, but I keep trying.

I’m in Grey’s Anatomy mode.  I just read that paragraph to myself and I imagine Meredith Grey’s voice, reading it as though it were an opening monologue…almost every episode starts with Meredith doing an emo, reflective voiceover.  Anyway I don’t want to get too personal, emo or sappy.  Some of you are actually here to read about baking.

Home this weekend at my parents’.  I brought home the Hershey Kiss cookies for them, and while my mom, my baking guru, enjoyed the taste, she said the texture could use some improvement.  The cookie base needed to be less soft and a bit harder, sort of like shortbread cookies.  I get defensive at first because I’ve started to look at my baking creations as my “babies”, but she’s right.  Perhaps next time a little bit of a tougher consistency.  I just need to find the right dough.  Or maybe try the peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies and substitute cream cheese for the peanut butter because she says that it has a tougher consistency overall.

I’ve been thinking of selling my cookies on Etsy.com.  Lately I’ve been doing cookies a lot and there are two recipes that I am pretty confident about that I could start to sell — the brownie cookies and the chocolate chip peanut butter ones.  I’d have to figure out how much to charge for shipping, how much to charge for the cookies themselves, figure out packaging…etc.  But it’s an idea.  I feel like baking and constantly giving away to my friends and family is great, but now I think it’s a good idea to make some cash out of it.  Not necessarily for profit but just to cover some of the cost of ingredients.  Profit would be nice, but it’s not really about money, it’s more about getting the chance to do more baking.  I was originally just going to sell through word of mouth but that’s not really happening right now.

As for next baking projects, I’ve been given a few interesting suggestions.  My cousin suggested chocolate chip rice krispie cookies, my friend suggested making my brownie cookies with a twist — using Lindt Chili Pepper chocolate — and my own idea, bacon cupcakes.  Yes, I said bacon.  That should be interesting.  Perhaps my guinea pigs would be open to this.  To be safe, if I went the bacon cupcake route, I’d make a small batch.  Maybe just a dozen.  Wouldn’t want all that good bacon to go to waste.

No baking this weekend.  Home at my parents’ usually means I take a break and not do anything domestic, though I will be cooking for them tomorrow — making my crepes which I previously blogged about.

I’ve been asked what was up with this baking and blogging, and I suppose it’s become a new “thing” of mine.  I can’t say for sure what it is, but I’ve found something that I have the potential to be really skilled in and it feels good.  Baking just feels like more than throwing flour, butter, eggs and other ingredients together — there’s that scientific aspect of it that appeals to me too.  You bake often enough that you start getting bolder in adding this or taking away that ingredient to create something better than the original recipe.  Eventually I suppose it becomes something completely different from the original and all your own.  Kind of like a process of evolution.

3 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Bakergirl, you are my hero. I heart your blog. The Etsy idea is brilliant, especially for the holiday season! And bacon cupcakes would be divine… The Big Gay Ice Cream truck has a bacon ice-cream sandwich called the choinkwich. You should try one for inspiration.

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