I’m Seeing Yankee Blue

According to my horoscope, “Sinking into the watery realm of feelings isn’t your natural preference, but now it’s essential to your well-being…”  How about I sink into the sweet realm of losing myself in a project that involves hand-cutting Yankees logos, baking cupcakes, and getting cream cheese frosting to be the right shade of navy instead?

I had posted here before about a possible opportunity that I didn’t want to jinx…Now it’s okay for me to talk about it because the outcome has been determined.  A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if I would bake cupcakes for his office in the event that the Yankees win the World Series.  Since it’s been a long time since I did anything in the way of baking for money, I agreed.  Plus, it presented a challenge — making cupcakes with a specific theme, particularly a sports theme.  With the team’s logo.  The team’s logo is really where all this started.

After he told me he wanted the cupcakes to be Yankees-themed, of course it meant it would have to have their logo.  Knowing that gum paste cutters in the shape of sports teams’ logos a) would be very hard to come by, b) probably would not be available in the size I needed, and c) would probably be expensive and cost more than I’d be willing to spend for something I’d only use once in a blue moon, I decided to go very makeshift and print out a Yankees logo from the internet that was the size that I needed for the cupcakes.  I used this as a stencil, and armed with a small box cutter and a lot of patience (some call it insanity), I set to work making gum paste Yankees logos:

Stiff fingers, a neck cramp, and 3 hours later…
Because gum paste needs to dry, I actually started making the logos two days before the winning game.  The baking, however, did not start until approximately 11:30pm the night that the Yankees won.  Oh, they were just vanilla bean and chocolate cupcakes — one batch of each, since I told my friend I would give him 3 dozen, half vanilla, half chocolate.
The frosting started out as white cream cheese frosting, which was really an Oreo frosting minus the Oreos…

Added a teaspoon of Navy gel paste coloring…

Almost there…

A total of 9 (the same number of innings in a baseball game…coincidence?  I think not!) teaspoons of the blue stuff later…

The lighting in the picture above made it seem lighter than it actually was, but I was told that I hit the shade of navy right on the nose.
What you guys really came here to see…

En masse…

I even bought special inserts for the cupcake boxes to ensure that they wouldn’t move around too much in transit.  Each of the 3 boxes contained six vanilla, six chocolate.  The fun part is getting a blue tongue after eating one of these babies.
Not wanting my “babies” to be jostled around and because three boxes of cupcakes is a lot to carry on the subway, I called for a car service to pick me up this morning and take me to work, where my friend would later meet me to pick them up.  I was so in love with these cupcakes that the thought of them being eaten saddened me just a little.  But alas, that is what they were made for.  My friend told me that everyone loved them and there were even people at his office he never met before who were asking him for seconds!
It was nice to see the concept in my head come together so well in real life.  It happens so rarely in other aspects of life that it’s welcome, even if it’s only in the world of baking.  A small but appreciable victory, especially this week.  It’s just nice to see that even though plenty of things don’t happen as we would’ve wanted, some things do happen just as we imagined.

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