On the Horizon…

While it feels like I haven’t been around the blogosphere much the last couple of weeks, there have been a couple of projects that I’d managed to get under my belt. There was a very successful Vanilla Bean-Irish Cream cheesecake that was a huge hit at an office potluck this week…No post on it yet since I have yet to upload the pictures and as you know, I try not to post without pictures. But just to show you the picture that inspired me and got me sold on doing it:

This was not how my cheesecake looked, since the design was much simpler — I didn’t have time to bake macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which are an entirely different animal — who knew an extra “o” would change it all?), as pictured above.  But you can read the original blog post here.  I was so inspired and excited after reading her post that I was firmly set on doing this cheesecake.  The original blogger who did this cheesecake had the time, and she subsequently inspired me to try and do macarons, which are a French “cookie” made by piping batter onto a cookie sheet and baking for…not sure how long, but I hear that these are difficult to achieve because it’s all about technique, technique, technique…oh those French.  They look pretty delicate and so cute…

Again, this is not my picture.  You all know my camera is not the best.  This was taken from David Leibovitz’s site, where he explains all about the making of French macarons.  The picture was so alluring that it made me itch with envy that I am not yet technically skilled to attempt this, but it is a challenge and how else will you learn if you don’t just throw yourself into it and try?

But anyway, I digress.  This was about the cheesecake.  There will be a post on my attempt on the Vanilla Bean – Irish Cream cheesecake to be sure.  My pictures won’t be as sexy though…

There will also be an upcoming post on a book written by one of my favorite authors, Jonathan Safran Foer.  An awesome awesome friend of mine is lending me her signed copy of his latest, Eating Animals and in return I am sending her some baked goods.  I believe she freelances for Phillyist.com, and you can read her review here.  And the book fits with the theme of this blog — food.  The book is all about being mindful about the origins of the food we consume and making informed decisions based on what we know.  I don’t think too much about where my food comes from, but it would be interesting how and if this book affects me.

And lastly but not leastly, I will be selling baked goods at the Rock Bass Rainbow Fest craft fair in Philadelphia in December!  I am excited about this, as it will be an opportunity for me to showcase my “talent” to a larger audience.  My sister is very excited about this and I think she’s taking on “manager” responsibilities whether I want her to or not (but I don’t mind!  I need her marketing knowledge!).  I’ll be sharing a table with a couple of friends of mine who are selling a variety of goods of their own (I don’t think they’re edible though!), but if anyone is around the area and happens to be free that day, you are welcome to stop by!  And now I just need to make up my mind what I will be bringing…So much to choose from, but right now I am leaning towards cupcakes.

This post seems to be all about looking forward to what’s coming up.  Interesting because I have somewhat been about holding on to the past this week, and it has not been doing me many favors in terms of mood.  But maybe life is telling me something.  Maybe it’s telling me it’s time to move forward and say goodbye to some things I no longer need, as good as those things were.  And all that needs to happen is for my heart and mind to follow.

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