Rock Bass Rainbow Fest 2009 – Some Thoughts, No Pictures Yet

The baking started on Thursday night, and I was not completely done with everything until Friday evening. We took off for Philly around 8 and stayed overnight at a hotel. We left for RBRF around 8:15, set up our table and were ready by 9:30 or so. The show opened at 10.

I wouldn’t say I was nervous, per se, but I did feel a little anxious about how I would do. Being my first “show” — as they call it, I kept calling it a “fair” until I heard one of the vendors call it a “show” — I suppose it is because these people were artists. And maybe in a way I am too, except my medium consists of flour and sugar, among other things.

Out of the 100+ cupcakes I made, and the 24 slices of brownies, I only sold 24 cupcakes and I think 5 slices of brownies. I was a little disappointed at how little of my stuff moved, however, I did meet a lot of interesting and nice people, one of whom REALLY loved the cupcakes and brownies (especially the brownies!) and came back for more.

This being the first show I’ve ever done, there were a few things we learned. The first — I think next time I will be bringing much less stuff. The second — samples work to attract attention. People may not always buy after they sample, but they at least are drawn to your table. And maybe I should make the designs on my cupcakes a little more interesting. The designs for this one were holiday-themed. I couldn’t make them so “interesting” when I had 100 to make…would have loved to, but it takes time to really make very interesting designs. Definitely a smaller sampling of goods next time.

This was also the first year of RBRF, and hopefully the first of many to come. I would probably do the show again next year, if my sister’s boyfriend’s sister and her husband are up for it again (I shared a table with them, and they sold pottery and knitting). The vibe among the vendors was really cool and relaxed, and there was some live music as well. I really liked the sound of The Natural Result, a local band of college kids from Temple. Lead singer sounded like Matthew Sweet, I thought. I really loved their first song called “When You’re Around.” The lead singer’s sound kind of reminded me of Matthew Sweet. Anyway, V and I gave them some cupcakes at the end of their set, and they seemed to appreciate it. I hope they enjoyed the cupcakes.

All in all, it was a great experience. I had a lot of fun with my sister, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s sister and her husband. And as I said, met a lot of really nice people. Perhaps if I do another show I will see some of these folks again. I also bought some cool stuff that I will probably be showcasing in pictures on my next post.

But I had a good time. And that is all that really counts at the end of the day.

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