A Short Commentary on Valentines, Albeit A Day Late

I used to hate Valentine’s Day, back when I was younger and more insecure about being single.  These days, as I see more and more of my friends settle into married life and for some, parenthood, I realize that my current situation is exactly right for me.  It’s like when I was little and used to walk around in my aunt’s high heel shoes.  When I grew up, I would fit into high heel shoes of my own perfectly, but right then, I needed my own little girl shoes that fit my little girl feet perfectly.

I ask myself if I’m ready for the commitment of marriage right now, or whether I have the dedication and selflessness it would take to be a mother.  The answer, is no.  To both.  Right now, I like that I can be selfish and think mostly of myself.  I think I finally get it when they tell me to appreciate being single…

I spent this weekend of various holidays — for some it was gladly Valentine’s Day, for some it was Chinese New Year’s, and then for the whole country, it was President’s Day — at home with my family.  I haven’t been home to my parents’ in almost a month and I’ve been missing it.  Anyway, as a post-Valentine’s Day treat, my sister, her boyfriend and I treated my parents to lunch at Olive Garden (we are easily pleased) and went shopping.  My mom has gone camera-crazy and took pictures of everything from the roadways on the way to the restaurant to the food we were served.  I saw her pictures that she uploaded into her Picasa album and stole some to put on my Facebook.  And when I looked through them, seeing how happy I looked, how we all looked — it made me feel like even though I haven’t met the right guy yet, I have the right everything else.

And right now, perhaps this is all I need.

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