Baking for a Cause

It seems that charitable causes and baking are coming hand in hand in my life lately.  In April will be The Great American Bake Sale, which I learned last week will be at Brooklyn Flea at the Fort Greene location.  The flea market is outdoors and my fellow bakers and I will be there in shifts helping to sell our goods.  I’m excited.  The only trouble is, I can’t decide what to make.  Instead of going crazy though, I might just keep it simple but good.

If you can’t participate in this event either by baking or coming to Brooklyn Flea and purchasing some of our goodies, you can still participate by donating.  The donation page for our group is here.  For more information on the event as well as which food bloggers will be participating and what they will bring, please refer to the organizer’s blog.

I posted a while ago about another charity bake sale called Cupcakes for a Cause.  By the time I heard about this last year, I was too late.  But this year, Cupcakes for a Cause Week is from 9/20 – 9/26.  If the SOS bake sale does well, I might be inclined to participate in this one.  I’m definitely going to keep checking this site for updates.

I also volunteered at work to help out with my company’s Bag Hunger campaign.

I came across the BloggerAid Cookbook, a compilation of recipes from food bloggers around the world, proceeds to benefit United Nations’ World Food Program.  Looks pretty interesting.  I may have to check it out.

That’s about it for the charitable causes I’m involved with/planning to be involved with right now.  The funny thing is, I just happened to stumble upon these opportunities and I figured, hey, why not?  It’s a good way of putting my skills to good use and to benefit others.

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