What’s In A Name?

I’ve changed my blog name to A Girl Bakes In New York.  Somehow, A Pinch of This, A Dash of That just didn’t feel right.  I don’t think it ever really did except at the time of this blog’s creation, I wanted a name that was more all-encompassing yet still related to food…I didn’t want to specifically lock myself into the “baking” category.  But here I am, re-naming my blog to A Girl Bakes In New York, which is actually what’s in my blog URL.  Not to say that I’m strictly going to only write about baking now, of course.  It’s just going to now match my URL.  Which makes more sense anyway.

Now that that’s settled and I have bored you with one paragraph’s worth of time, I am going to make a confession — I lied.  Last night’s green tea burfi batch was not my last one after all before going on a burfi-hiatus!  Tonight I worked on GTB v2.1, yet another beta release.  No pictures because well it all looks pretty much the same except for the shade of green which varies depending on the ingredients you throw in.  Again, no recipes because, again, it is a work in progress.  But I swear this batch is my last batch before going on burfi-hiatus.  And now my mind is at peace.  Though I think GTB v2.1 is going to be better than GTB v2.0.

Earlier this week I did make an attempt to do macarons.  For those not in the know, macarons look like this:

(Image from David Lebovitz‘s blog post on making French macarons)

I am ashamed to even post my own picture (but I did!) because, well…this is what macarons should never look like:

No, these are not burnt macarons.  They were actually supposed to be chocolate, but somehow they grew to gargantuan proportions despite me piping 1 inch circles onto my baking sheet.  And the “feet” that macarons are suppose to have ended up being…I can’t even find a word for it.  Ugly.  Just ugly.  I followed the recipe to the letter, and yet…  It just goes to show you, sometimes you can’t be precise enough.  And macarons are a demonstration of why baking is a science and technique definitely matters.  In fact, do a search for “easy macaron recipe” and Google will say, “Showing results for easy macaroon recipe.”  Macaroons are an entirely different animal from macarons.  It’s Google’s way of letting you down easy, because not even Google, that seemingly omnipotent search engine that can help you find out all sorts of things about that cute guy you’ve been crushing on, can bring you a recipe for easy macarons.  If Google could talk, it would say to you, “HA!”  Anyway, you get my point.  Perhaps I will attempt these again, when I am no longer reeling in shock from how wrong these macarons went despite my following the recipe faithfully.  And when I’m restocked with almond flour — I used up most of mine in making burfi.  🙂

Just a few random bits to end the week.

One thought on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Baking truly is a science. I remember about 10 years ago, I baked my first cake…it was very frustrating to see the out come, sure it tasted great but looked….well, you get the picture. I remember trying the receipe over and over only to have other things go wrong. Eventually, after many attempts, it finally came out right…baking is kindda like life, were sometimes you need to fail a few times in order to suceed

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