Like No Other Cupcake In The World

This week and last week, my company has been hosting several fund raising events from food drives to sample sales to bake sales, all in an effort to raise money / collect food for the Bag Hunger campaign, a nationwide project of Macy’s Inc. (parent company of my division — Bloomingdale’s…and now you know where I work) to benefit various hunger relief charities across the nation.  I volunteered to be one of the “captains” of the effort for my pyramid, along with two other girls.  We organized a bake sale in our building and to the sale I contributed black and white cookies (more on that in a later post) and the following…

Bloomingdale’s cupcakes.  Following suit of what I did with the Yankees cupcakes, I created a stencil from a printout of the iconic “b”, took an Xacto knife and went to work cutting out little “b”‘s out of gum paste.

I used my favorite dark chocolate cupcake recipe, because ever since I made it for the first time, I just fell in love with it.  I usually pair it with the frosting in that same post, but this time I used a ganache that I found in Shirley O. Corriher’s book, Bakewise.  Unfortunately, the medium-consistency ganache recipe in the book was too runny for me and I ended up adding some leftover frosting from the last time into the mix to make it thicker.

Since I wasn’t using the usual frosting, I wanted to make the ganache coating thicker so I dipped each cupcake top twice.  After the second dip, I plopped a little “b” in the middle and delicately sprinkled white nonpareils on the edges.

The cupcakes were a big success, having created a stir among those who had them.  My boss’s boss bought one for the CEO, and that was a huge deal.  I was thrilled he was going to get to see what I did with the logo.  Later on, she forwarded me an e-mail from him saying the cupcake was “Yummy!”  I also had someone else from the office that I had never met e-mail me saying, “Those cupcakes you made for the bake sale today were literally the best things I have ever eaten!”  She also asked me for the recipe, which I am willing to share with her, having already told people on this blog where I got it.

This was the third time I’d ever made these cupcakes, and I haven’t changed anything in how I make them, but from the first two times, I did learn that if you put them in heaping piles into 12 cupcake liners, you will have cupcake overgrowth — the edges will expand over the rim of the cupcake mold when baking.  So this time I only filled each cup about halfway (instead of 2/3) with batter and I had perfect, no-overgrowth cupcakes, ready for dipping into ganache.  And one recipe makes about 15-16 cupcakes…at least with my size cupcake pans they do.

The bake sale overall was a success, and we raised a good amount of money to put towards the collective effort of the pyramid I belong to at work.  I also put the “you never know till you ask” thing to practice by asking the nearby Starbucks (where I get my misto every morning, so routinely that when I walk in the baristas already know what I’m going to get) to donate a traveler box of brewed coffee per day of the bake sale.  They agreed, and so coffee was provided at our bake sale.  In addition I got to work with others who aren’t part of my immediate group and so I was able to expand my horizons a bit in the social department.  Always a good thing to make new friends.

It was a two-day bake sale and this being the second day, people didn’t buy as much and we ended up with more leftovers than we had yesterday.  I gave the leftovers (enough to fill a “medium brown bag”) to a homeless man sitting at the corner of the block my building is on.  I hope he enjoys it.  There was so much food in there it would probably last him a couple of days.

On my way home, I was so tired and wound up from this week so far that I thought of ordering out as a reward.  But then I thought of the campaign I’d been raising money for and its goals.  I thought of the homeless guy I gave our bake sale’s leftovers to and suddenly I didn’t really think I should order out anymore.  I had a refrigerator full of food at home that on any other day I wouldn’t even really think twice about.  But today, especially after directly giving the food to the homeless man, who gladly accepted all of it, I just had a little bit more of a conscience about being wasteful.

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