Belated Happy Birthday to My Blog, and Another Wedding Cake

I just realized that this blog is now a little over a year old.  My first post was written on September 12, 2009, and so, so much has changed since the beginning.  A year later, I can say I’ve done a wedding cake.  I’ve also baked for charity events and sold my stuff at a crafts fair.  I now own a KitchenAid, and my mom has actually (jokingly?) said that she thought I was now a better baker than she is (a compliment I feel unworthy of because she still knows more than I do and still has had years more experience than I have).  They don’t joke when they say a lot can happen in a year…

Not only has my baking hobby brought about all these changes, but it’s also brought me new friends, and I have one in particular in mind at the moment.  My friend Su, who I’ve previously mentioned for her help with my first wedding cake.  Su and I actually did another wedding cake this past weekend, which is going to be the main topic of this post.  This time, I was her sous-chef, so I am not going to be taking credit for anything apart from helping her decorate the cake and serving as her sounding board and general assistant.

Su assembled the cake as I put together the candy table at the wedding, and then I came back to help her by piping on the purple icing “ribbon” and arranging the flowers onto the tiers.

I’m learning, as I work with Su, that a wedding cake with 3-tiers takes roughly 12 hours for baking and coating the tiers with frosting alone — no decorating just yet.  We were up till about 1 in the morning, baking in her apartment, and there were still things to be done in the morning, like packing up the candy, candy dishes, etc. to be transported to the reception venue.  There were also cupcakes made for this particular reception, pictured below:

For these, I piped the frosting and put on the little hearts.  🙂  They looked so plain with just the frosting, but then I popped on the hearts per Su’s instructions and voíla…instant cuteness.

The bottom tier of the cake was red velvet, and the top two were vanilla.  I don’t know why red velvet has suddenly become so popular…the wedding cake I made before this one was also red velvet.  It’s just red food coloring and chocolate, folks!  But I guess it’s because it’s so pretty to look at.  The batter looks like blood in the sink when you run water over your utensils, which I think is the coolest part.  Made me think of Dexter (excellent show).

I came back to my apartment exhausted, but with a good feeling of accomplishing something with Su as a team.  On the car ride home, I turned to her and said, “Su, you know this could turn into something bigger much later on…you never know…”  In fact, Su has another wedding cake in November and yup, you guessed it, I have signed on for sous-chef duties once again.  I like that this has become a somewhat regular thing.  I told her she can totally be Duff Goldman and I will be Geoff, her faithful assistant and sidekick and straight man.  And I will also help keep her sanity intact.

I’ve got my own project coming up too.  Going to be doing favors for a baby shower in October.  I’m making cookie pops covered in chocolate.  Compared to a wedding cake, this job seems very small indeed.  But I’m sure it will be enough work for me.  I don’t think I’ll need help, but Su offered just in case.

And that is about all for now.  Here’s to another year of baking and…um…growing, I suppose.

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