Cake For Thought

I’m not sure why, but lately it’s harder and harder to post.  I’m not sure whether its lack of inspiration, or lack of words…But the fact that I’m writing an entire post now probably negates the latter theory.  Maybe it’s lack of inspiration.

A few weeks ago, I made a 3-layer cake that had, at the bottom, a layer of flourless chocolate cake, followed by a layer of marzipan, and then topped with a layer of “safe” chocolate mousse (as in, you use heat when you make it, thereby killing any possible traces of salmonella from the would-have-been-raw-had-you-not-used-heat eggs).

What it looked like when it was finished…

What it looked like as it was being made and the mousse layer had not yet set…

What it looked like when the mousse layer set…

I’m a lot like this cake.  Actually, people in general are a lot like this cake — made of layers.  And each layer is different.  And if you down the whole slice in two seconds without thinking to savor the flavors of each layer, you miss a lot.  You think, “Well that was a good cake, very chocolatey.  Mmm.”  And then you move on.  But if you really took the time to savor the different flavors — the depth of the chocolate of the very bottom layer, the nutty/floral sweetness of the marzipan (I don’t know why but something about almond flavor makes me think of flowers), and the very subtle hint of olive oil in the chocolate mousse layer (yes, there was olive oil in the mousse — you get a better understanding and appreciation of the all the complexities coming together to form an edible work of art (if I do say so myself).

I was inspired to make this cake by a birthday cake my sister bought me from Blackhound Bakery in the East Village.  I didn’t quite recreate the same exact flavors since they used much more marzipan in their Busy Bee cake (and they probably made theirs from scratch), but this was sort of an homage.  My cake was just as rich though, and with a darker chocolate taste.  One slice was enough.  Even if I tried many many times to re-create the Busy Bee cake, I highly doubt I would ever perfectly duplicate it.  Which goes to show that no matter how many try to come close, each “copy” having its own merits, there’s never anything like the original.  Also much like people.

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