A Short Post On How To Dress Up A Brownie

I was sitting in my office yesterday, staring at the computer screen when suddenly visions of dark, moist brownies started dancing around in my head.  I wanted chocolate.  Badly.  In the form of brownies.  I expressed this particular urge to make brownies to my coworker and the following conversation ensued.

He said, “Coconut goes well with brownies.  Mmm…toasted coconut.”

To which I said, “Where did you have brownies with coconut?”

To which he said, “Made them when I was younger…I mean the box brownies and just topped them with coconut flakes.”

“Oh you know I don’t do boxed.  I’m thinking I need something to make the coconut flakes stick.  Maybe ganache.”


And thus was born the idea to take my mom’s one-bowl brownie recipe, make a batch of it and turn it into something even more amazing.

I can’t share the brownie recipe here, as it’s a family recipe, much like her chocolate cupcake recipe, but I just wanted to quickly post an idea on how to dress up a brownie.

P.S. — The brownies are great naked, but with the ganache and the toasted coconut flakes, their greatness is just elevated to new heights.  I ate a whole row of one of the two pans I made!

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