A Girl Takes A Day Off

It’s a Thursday morning in November, and I am not at work.  I will also not be at work tomorrow, because I am working on another wedding cake with my lovely friend Su.  And my boss knows why I am off.  Incidentally, I’ve also recently been commissioned by a coworker to make 100 cupcakes for selling at his stall at a farmer’s market on Roosevelt Island this weekend.  Sadly, I will not be there because I will probably be delivering the wedding cake on Saturday, but one of these days I should come out to take some pictures so I can post them up here.  I think he has plans for me and my cupcakes, not just this one time deal.  This I think is the test run to see how well they do.  He claims that there are no cupcakes on Roosevelt Island, and I find this hard to believe…but anything is possible, right?

The cupcakes for Roosevelt Island are red velvet (this flavor continues to haunt me) with cream cheese frosting, and will be decorated with a red “RI” for Roosevelt Island (but whenever I see it abbreviated I keep thinking Rhode Island…).  Red and white are the colors because according to my coworker, red and white are the island’s colors.  Probably because of the Roosevelt Island Tram…

Image from http://www.wirednewyork.com/

Roosevelt Island is a mystery to me.  It’s not quite Manhattan proper, it’s not quite Queens.  And it’s not its own borough either.  I think officially it’s part of the borough of Manhattan though.  See this delightful and informative article on Wiki, should you wish to know more (fun fact: it used to be known as Welfare Island from 1921-1973!).  Just looking at pictures, it looks nothing like the boroughs OR Manhattan, so it should be interesting when I finally make it out there.  My coworker is also selling a Latvian pilaf which takes 5 hours to make but apparently sells out in record time (I think he told me they ran out within an hour of first putting it out…?)  He reads this blog so if he would like to correct me, he may do so.  🙂

My living room smells like red velvet cake.  The smells are wafting from under the loosely fitted lids on the foil pans that are holding my still-naked cupcakes…

They smell reeeally good.  That’s actually a picture from a tray in my kitchen.  There are two others on my coffee table.  I notice that my baking usually has a very strong smell, especially when it’s chocolate.  It’s like you don’t have to eat it, you just need to sniff it and you’re good.  Ok, I can say that because I’m around it all the time…a lot of people beg to differ.

I actually still have to cut out the R’s and I’s tonight, but I should get a move on making the frosting for use later.  I’m going to be going over to Su’s around noon to start the wedding cake.

Also on the horizon are more baby-related cookies.  Someone who attended the baby shower for which I made cookie favors loved the cookie so much that she is ordering them from me for her granddaughter’s naming ceremony.

As you can see, I’ve been fairly active lately in the enteprising side of things.  Mostly these opportunities just happen to fall into my lap.  Someone requests something, I make it.  Everyone loves to tell me that I really should make profit from my work.  I do, but it’s always a modest profit.  Sitting in the war zone of my living room, which is somewhat in a state of shambles because of last night’s cupcake making, inhaling the smells of red velvet cupcake, I’m relishing the feeling of happiness I get from having created something that I strangely feel will propel me forward, and possibly open more doors.  I even spent some of this morning ordering supplies for my projects, cementing the idea that this could become somewhat of a regular occurrence (at least with the cupcakes) — if it hasn’t become clear already.  I’m slow to come around sometimes.  It’s kind of funny, the impact baking has had on my life so far.  On the more abstract scale, it’s really just about a girl who found something she loves to do because of how it makes her feel when she does it.  Simple as that.  To quote a chapter title from the book, Mandela’s Way by Richard Stengel (which we are being made to read at work because our CEO found it remarkably inspiring), “Love Makes the Difference.”  And it does.

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