The Universe is Listening

I’m blowing the dust off this blog to say that I will be baking for charity again. This time to raise money for the victims of the tsunami in Japan. Funny because I was just thinking about the crisis this weekend and I even wrote a friend who is into events organizing (among other things), asking if she’s thought about organizing an event to raise money for the cause. She said she actually has something in the works, but nothing concrete.

I check my e-mail this morning and another person who is organizing a bake sale for the very same cause contacted me because she got my name from her friend, who organied another charity event for which I baked.  She asked if I was interested in participating.  Of course I will participate.

It seems it is my dharma to bake for charitable causes.  This I think is the fourth charitable cause I am donating baked goods to.  I love it when I have a thought and the Universe seems to be listening, especially when it’s something good.  I felt it the second the vague idea of baking for this cause came into my head.

Stay tuned for details on the event…

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