Bridal Cupcakes

It seems that whenever I try to walk away from baking, someone asks me to make cupcakes/cakes for them, and I never say no.  Because it happens every time I try to walk away.  A believer in signs (to some extent), I feel like I’m being told that I should not quit, and that I should continue baking, whether it’s for money or for pure love of baking.  And so, when given the opportunity to bake for a client, I usually say yes.

A coworker asked me to make cupcakes for someone in his group who recently got married.  25 cupcakes, chocolate, make it bridal.  I thought, “bridal”…well roses are bridal.  I also thought it would be nice to color the frosting the same color as her wedding colors.  I asked and was told that the bridesmaids wore champagne-colored dresses.  At first I thought, “Ok, that shouldn’t be so hard…”  Exercise over, lesson learned — champagne is a hard color to mix.

I researched some web sites and they said ivory gel paste + tan gel paste in a 2 to 1 ratio…but mmmmmnot really.  I stopped playing around with the color after a while, for fear of the color turning a strange, unappetizing shade.  Better to quit while you’re ahead, I say.  And it paid off.


Coming soon – baking with beer.

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