About A Girl

There are many girls who bake in New York, but only one authors this blog.  This particular girl works in IT for a retail company like no other in the world.  Working the left side of her brain most of the day with writing code, baking is her way of giving her right brain a workout so her brain stays balanced between left (logic) and right (creativity).  Having a large group of co-workers who are always enthusiastically receptive to her bakes has only fueled the fire and encouraged her to keep baking.

There are about a bajillion reasons why she bakes, but the main reason is that baking adds color to her life and allows her to explore endless creative possibilities while the scientific side of baking feeds her geeky nature.  She would bake even if nobody read her blog (though readership never hurts!) or told her she was good at it (but compliments are always met with gratitude), so long as there were people to give her bakes to (and there are always people to give bakes to because almost nobody can say no to free food).  Baking is the one thing she truly does for herself and only for herself.  But it’s a pleasant side-effect that her baking makes those around her happy.

Besides baking, other things that bring her joy in life are beagles,




and the Cleveland Cavaliers (even though she’s not originally from Cleveland).